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Upgrade and Migration Services

Upgrading your SAP applications is essential to provide additional functionality, such as business intelligence, improved business processes and analysis. You can also stop worrying about the clock running down on support for older versions. Migrating SAP workloads to a more efficient, lower-cost platform — can improve performance and reduce the time and cost of managing SAP applications. However, upgrading or migrating an essential business application such as SAP can be risky. Application downtime can significantly impact business. You must ensure secure and complete migration of mission-critical data to the new environment. That is the reason you should seek an expert opinion. We as Expert GS can support you in,

  • - Assessment : Fixed price upgrade assessment delivering upgrade proposal, indicative costing, project plans and timelines.
  • - Technical Upgrade :Spanning operating systems, databases and all advanced business application programs (ABAP), including reports, function module pools, interfaces and other custom objects.
  • - Functional Upgrade :Strategic exercise to review current business process and potentially implementing the new one to ensure value returns of the new version functionality.
  • - System Migration :Migrating to SAP S/4HANA environment from source to target and testing to ensure the project has minimal impact on the business.
  • - Platform Migration :A mix of standard and high availability services.

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