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Strategic Consulting

In the present day business scenario, evolution or change is the only permanent element. At Expert Global Solutions, we understand the importance of this change and invest paramount efforts to accordingly develop effective business strategies that help organizations survive this period of change and sustain their profits as well as generate new business value.

With our extensive experience accumulated by serving some of the best companies across the globe including the Fortune 500 firms, we have developed an expertise when it comes to identifying the problem, analysing the possibility of various solutions and figuring out the best way to implement them. Thanks to our core focus on optimizing customer satisfaction and generating maximum value for businesses, we are amongst the few organizations across the globe that has been able to successfully offer strategic consulting services to companies in several categories according to the ever evolving demands of the business scenario.

We help companies develop innovative as well as target focused operating strategies by a thorough analysis of the existing way of working and help them leverage the competitive advantage to achieve better growth in spite of a recessionary scenario. Additionally, this also helps us in optimizing the use of existing resources instead of burdening the business with new expenditure. In simple terms, we provide consulting that is cost effective as well as efficient.

Quick Facts

  Providing Services to Engineering companies.

  Cumulative experience of over 750 man years.

  Offices in India, USA, Europe and South Africa.

  Proven global quality initiatives ISO 9001:2000.

  Fortune 500 clients.

  Product support through Embedded / Mechanical & Technical Publication

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