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Oil and Gas Equipment

1: Redraws & Drawing Data updating

a. Converting Old template 2D drawings to New template 2D drawings

Example: Old template AutoCAD drawing to New template AutoCAD drawing. Input: AutoCAD, TIFF, JPEG, or other b. Converting 2D format drawings to 3D format drawings

Example: AutoCAD drawing to convert in to SolidWorks(or other) drawing format.

Input: AutoCAD, TIFF, JPEG, or other

c. Converting 3D format drawings to 3D format drawings

Example: Convert Pro-E models & drawings to SolidWorks models & drawings.

2: Sustaining Products Engineering / ECN

a. Updating/modifying existing drawings based on the reasons of tool failure at actual field use or while testing

Example: Modify drawings based on technical calculations and markup drawings provided by customer

Input: Markup drawings, Existing models & drawings, Calculation sheet, Tool failure images (if possible)

Output: Updated models & drawings

3: New Product Development Assistance

a. This includes Design calculations, Execution in terms of model & drawings, Run analysis to achieve desired output.

CAD software to use: : As per requirement

Input: Your concept/wild idea of new tool in written, Handmade/rough sketches, Other necessary technical data.

Output: CAD Models, Drawings, Calculation sheets, Analysis reports

4: Simulation & Analysis

This includes FEA or CFD or Both using 3D models to achieve desired results. Input: 3D models, Loading condition/parameters, operating conditions

Input format: Any acceptable to Analysis software to be used.

Output: Analysis reports

5: Technical Publication and Animations (for sales, marketing, customer show, R&M and internal training)

a. Sales & Marketing Documentation

Technical Illustrations: Print Media – Brochures , marketing collaterals, Electronic – Mobile apps , Website , news letters

b. Illustrations: 2D Illustrations, Isometric Illustrations, Orthographic Illustrations, Trimetric Illustrations, Wiring Diagrams, Schematics (Elect & Mech), Hot Spot creation, Illustration color rendering

c. Authoring: Illustrated Parts Catalog, Parts Catalog, Creation of Bill of Material (BOM), e-parts Catalog, Spare Parts Manual, Consumables Materials List, Provisioning of Spare parts

d. Technical manuals: For Internal training, Shop-floor assembly and disassembly, Customer literate,

6: Animations

a. For Sales and marketing, Internal training, Shop-floor assembly and disassembly, Customer literate,

b. Step-by-step procedure for assembling complex tool/equipment assembly at shop floor

7: Re-branding project (Post Mergers & Acquisitions activities)

a. Many large scale companies acquire small business/engineering companies.

Post acquisition activities: After acquisition, many documents including drawings have to be updated with new ‘Company Logo’ and new ‘Documentation Standards’.

Customer limitations after acquisition: Huge quantity of drawings to be updated, less man hours within company, customer’s man hours need to divert from high priority tasks

EGS help: To update drawings/documents/animations of all acquired brands to make standardized including company logo as per new company.

8: Onsite Staffing - Adding to your Team without the HR and Management challenges

Customer challenges: Resourcing for every project is often not economically viable, a project may require skills that don’t exist in the team, limited man hours, management cost.

EGS help: EGS offers are tailored to help each customer operate more efficiently and profitably. We deploy our SME and expertise at the customer end, provides a dedicated resource.

Oil & Gas equipments where we can assist customers:

  • Fishing Tools
  • Milling Tools
  • Fishing Stroking Tools
  • Completion & Intervention Tools
  • Rotary Steerable System, Mud Motor
  • Wellhead & X-mas Tree Equipments
  • Wireline Pressure Control Equipments
  • Gas Lift Equipments
  • Coil Tubing Tools
  • Structural Engineering & Cranes
  • FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offloading) system

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  Fortune 500 clients.

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