Merger And Acquisition

Globally, organizations are looking to grow through Mergers and Acquisitions. Normally, any M & A results in initial teething troubles in all the various areas of the organization including engineering.

We at Expert Global help those companies who are looking out for M & A strictly from the engineering perspective.

Pre M & A Engineering Audit:
Engineering data is of huge value to any buyer. Just getting the engineering data is not good enough. The validity and integrity of the data is also very important. It is also important that the acquired data is in a suitable format and status to be used by the buyer company integrates well with the current data and practice of buyer organization. Non- compliance of any of these issues would result in spending time and money to make the data usable which ultimately results in additional costs. Our engineering team shifts through the entire engineering data. We submit a report which clearly states the current status and the gaps to use the data effectively, resulting in arriving at financial impact post M & A.

Post M & A engineering support:
In such M & A where enough detailing is not done into the engineering division, there are always issues of homogenizing, locating and creating the missing data. Expert Global, also being an engineering consulting and services organization can help the buyer organization to completely homogenize and integrate the bought data with their organization to make it usable and effective. Sometimes this huge amount of work is not necessarily where the organization would want to spend their internal resources. We being into Engineering consulting and Services for past 10 years have the necessary team and perspective to regularize and execute such work. We have the complete process and understanding of consulting companies on the Pre and Post M & A. The objective is to make the buyer organization completely aware of the real status of the engineering data so that the buyer organization can make financial decisions accordingly and negotiate aggressively.

Client Benefits:

  • Data Validation at lower costs.
  • Faster turnaround time in auditing the data for better Value for money / better negotiations
  • Factual insight into the engineering IP by domain specialists.
  • Better preparation in terms of Post M & A activities.

Quick Facts

  Providing Services to Engineering companies.

  Cumulative experience of over 750 man years.

  Offices in India, USA, Europe and South Africa.

  Proven global quality initiatives ISO 9001:2000.

  Fortune 500 clients.

  Product support through Embedded / Mechanical & Technical Publication

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