Leadership Team

Prashant Deshpande:

Prashant Deshpande is the CEO of Expert Global U.S. operations and Managing Director of India operations. Prashant has an expertise in Mentoring teams in Engineering and IT Consulting. Prashant is a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and Master of Management Studies in operations. He founded Expert Group in 1990. Prashant worked with Mastek Ltd. as Systems Executive for couple of years, prior to which he was with Godrej & Boyce for 2 years in Production Planning. Prashant has presented technical papers on PLM in global summits and has serviced clients and managed teams all over the globe. Prashant strongly believes in building long – term partnerships and teamwork.
Please write to Prashant Deshpande at prashantd@expertgs.com

Pravin Deshpande:

Pravin Deshpande is Director of Expert Global. He holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Biomedical Engineering. He co-founded Expert Group. He has 10-years field experience in Biomedical Engineering. Pravin spearheads the healthcare solutions portfolio and has special interest in hardware electronics and embedded technologies. Pravin leads electronic product development and application for US clients and manages development teams.
Please write to Pravin Deshpande at pravind@expertgs.com

Sachin Kher:

Sachin Kher is COO of Expert Global's US operations and heads International marketing of the Group. Sachin is based out of Atlanta, USA, from where he services European clients of the Group. Sachin who joined the group in 1996 is a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and MBA. Before joining Expert Group, he has worked with Companies like Colgate, Crompton and Mastek in the area of IT, Marketing and Production before joining the Expert Group. Sachin is a vivid reader and has a penchant for meeting and interacts with people globally.
Please write to Sachin Kher at sachink@expertgs.com

Mukund Kulkarni:

Mukund Kulkarni is Director of Expert Solutions. He heads the IT Infrastructure business & ERP activities of the group. Mukund specializes in Systems and Project Management. Mukund is a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering. Has done MBA and PGDMM. He joined Expert Group in 2003, before which he worked with Bajaj Auto Ltd. in Production, Quality, System and Project Management faction at various levels for 18 years. Mukund has serviced clients in the US, Europe & India and has provided TQM consultancy to manufacturing companies in India and Europe. Mukund is a brilliant orator.
Please write to Mukund Kulkarni at mukundk@expertgs.com

Nitin Nalgirkar:

Nitin Nalgirkar is Director – Business Development and is responsible for Expert Global's Africa and South Africa operations. Nitin is a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering from UDCT, Mumbai. Nitin joined the group in the year 2011. He has widespread experience of 22 years of working with companies such as Ciba Specialty Chemicals and Rolfes Color Pigment in the areas of Business development & Projects Management. He has lived in South Africa for 7 years, where he has developed good business relationships across varied industrial sectors. He believes in result oriented business management. His hobbies are music and sports.
Please write to Nitin Nalgirkar at nitinn@expertgs.com

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