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With understanding of the overall Documentation Process Lifecycle (DPL), we develop a tentative timeline to work on the technical publications and accordingly ensure that we deliver first time right time quality.

Value to Market:

   Support cost reduction and warranty through effective documentation.
Continuous product enhancement experience for customers through structured documentation.
  Synchronizing documents to reduced product development lifecycle with product development.
   Managing share service with optimized resource utilization.

EGS Business Model

Here is a brief preview of deliverables that you can expect through our extensive range of services: Understanding the process involved, identifying the areas of focus and accordingly preparing a detailed manual.

With our 15 years of cumulative experience in the domain of IT and engineering solutions, we understand the importance of details and accordingly prepare manuals that help you understand the process in a better way.

Online manual preparation by electronic transfer of all the relevant data is a unique service that helps you reach out to a greater customer base from all over the globe. Additionally, the online data is more secure and safeguarded against theft, loss, illegal use, etc.

Catalogue preparation: Depending on the product, its usage and importance to the existing business process, we also prepare catalogues that are comprehensive yet completely self-explanatory.

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