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Application Development & support

We help enterprises expand their businesses by developing and implementing solutions that are capable of performing across multiple platforms and infrastructures.

Agile and Waterfall Methodology based cost-effectiveness and strong delivery capabilities are mainstay of our development and maintenance strategy.Our matured application development process encompasses all the phases of SDLC, starting from translating business needs into project requirements through implementation and post-production user support.

Expert Global can provide rapid adaptation with minimal interruptions in the current processes. Some of the applications are:

1: Web Application

Web application development allows your business to interact with customers in a completely new way. At present, many industries across the world use web based technologies, to the satisfaction of customers who appreciate the efficiency of services. Web based applications are described as the practices and processes of developing applications.
We are experienced professionals who develop advanced systems with complex business logics dealing with large amounts of data and transactions.
We are able to supply you with most desirable, innovative, trustworthy web application solutions.

2: Windows application

Our windows application development services provide you with an efficient, user-friendly and customized windows application that can run offline and independent of web-browser. Our windows applications help businesses meet their respective requirements and provide a competitive advantage in the growing market. Businesses can experience faster and efficient business processes with better performances. Our windows applications ensure faster data access, easy content synchronization, and efficient offline operations. These windows applications can seamlessly integrate with web technologies, Microsoft technologies, OS platforms, and database etc providing better operational functioning.

3: Embedded

We are providing specialized solutions that enable customers in a range of industry sectors to build reliable, high-performance and easily maintained embedded systems.
With vast project experience and specialist market expertise, we have a proven ability to significantly reduce development time and minimize project risk and cost.
Development of middleware products enables information to be shared in a seamless real-time fashion across multiple functional departments and applications.
In middleware development we have experience in development of various video codec’s including MPEG.

4: Databases

Expert Global have experienced professionals for all database related activities. Some activities are as below:

  • • Database Installation
  • • Database upgradation, Patching
  • • Replication
  • • Performance Tuning/Optimization
  • • Backup/Recovery using latest Oracle tools
  • • Backups Automation
  • • Data guard Implementation
  • • Routine DBA Activities

5: Support & Maintenance

We undertake regular website maintenance work for our clients in .NET which is either static or dynamic websites. We update websites on regular basis as per the requirements of the client, on weekly or monthly basis. The maintenance includes updates of the content and images depending on the requirements of the client.
Our company offers affordable website maintenance, back-up and service redesign, content updates, support via telephone, e-mail, repair and alteration of existing web pages to keep your website updated. We have specialized skill sets and dedicated team with requisite assessment, integration and management knowledge for effective and accurate maintenance solutions.

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